Thinking of moving or buying a house to live near the sea? If you have doubts and do not dare to take the step, when you discover all the benefits it has, you will immediately want to go pack your bags and take the first flight to your destination.

Helps to relax body and mind Did you know that the human brain relaxes when seeing sea water? Feeling the sea close by, as well as listening to the sound of the waves, provides rest and makes you feel better. So imagine being able to enjoy this on a daily basis and all the side benefits it has like improving sleep or mood.
Breathing improves when living near the sea. Most nasal decongestants are composed of salt and iodine-rich seawater, just what we can find in the salty sea breeze. So being in contact with it helps us clean the lungs as well as nasal decongestion and, in general, to have better respiratory health.
Helps the immune system against infections. Sea iodine, as we mentioned before, has many benefits for our lungs. Well, it is also good for our immune system, helping it fight diseases and infections.

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